Exhibitions are the best face-to-face marketing opportunity for companies around the world. They provide outstanding sales, marketing, research, branding, financial, and other rewards for companies that understand some important exhibition marketing fundamentals. Executive decision-makers consistently rank exhibitions as their “Number One” choice for obtaining purchasing information — beating out 12 other business media choices, including direct mail, advertising, telemarketing, etc. Exhibitions are the only sales and marketing medium that delivers a pre-qualified visitor to your company’s stand in a face-to-face selling environment. And these visitors, called visitors, invest their own valuable time and expenses to be at the exhibition. This is truly an outstanding marketing opportunity.

Why US

After decades of experience in this field Baran Company is considered to be one of the largest exhibition stand designers and producers in Iran today. Along with other achievements in architecture design, it serves the interested customers with the help of hundreds of talented artists, graphic designers and engineers. We are committed to value our clients’ prospect of presentation efforts and to be of service to them as a reputable contractor and construction company.

We design, build and commerce structures for exhibition stands, by using the most recent developments in the construction business globally. The highest international standards we are offering our customers, have been feasible by professionals who deal with the tasks of exhibitors with great responsibility. We believe that giving the best service to our clients is what makes us the most credible company in this business.

We have gathered a group of genius designers, highly skillful craftsmen, and highly gifted and accurate engineers, who are all excited and eager to display true obligation. Over the past few decades our policy has always been to contain a happy environment to make sure that our customers’ demands are done with enthusiasm. In our workplace and workshops all ideas are respected and we enjoy our creative and focused project managers, so that our final products, installations and services are fully compatible with our contractee’s customization and their field of business requirements.

We divide our services in terms of Tradeshows’ and fairs’ structures into 2 categories:

1: On-Site Construction Services

2: Off-site Construction Services

Beside these categories, we have come up with our latest marketing solution in the fairs’ business

3: Pre-Show Communication Services

Off-Site Construction Services

In this category we recommend our latest pre-built structures designs and innovations. They are modular systems that can be modified to meet exhibitors’ requirements of presentation.

We have various types of products and systems that will be implemented and then installed very quickly, since time is a treasure, especially during a presentation event.

On-Site Construction Services

DSC04646Our resolution in this category is to be focused on the exhibition stands and booths for any event that extends in the vast area of fair industry.

After our clients showed willingness to order us a project, we take several steps defined as a process in which, we would execute the project with consistency. We gather DATA, based on several facts, evaluate, come up with solutions, and more importantly, we consider our customers customizations and feedback, to be persistent on our high standards.

The quality of our raw materials are all within the world-class modules, since, they are procured by our close associates who carry an illustrious fame in fields of timber industries, chemical and plastic industries and glass manufacturing. Furthermore, based on the objectives of an exhibition or preferences of our clients we collaborate with other industries to establish a solid bond of business relationship that our contractees merit.

Pre-show Communication Solutions

This category is presented to our customers who are under an exhibition contract with us, consists of several options. We use several strategies for pre-show communication with the visitors through all kinds of items, ideas, blogs, etc. These will speak directly with the visitors and help them to understand and comprehend what you are offering to them, this is not just advertisement, but an effort to guide them through your aims, visions and how reliable you are. Our Items include brochures, catalogues, logos, stationary and lots of other features. Our designers approach this purpose by an authentic innovation that will explain your products and services completely. Our consultants and project managers are capable to consider every detail that matches your company’s description and reflect these details on the promotional projects you are requesting. Other factors remarked in the final outcome are: a full analysis of the visitors’ possible interests, the local preferences, the events’ characteristics, the most recent achievements in graphic designs and several more factors are taken into account to ensure your complete satisfaction and to guarantee that these promotion alternatives will be cost-effective for a sustainable demonstration on your behalf at several events.

These Graphic Marketing Solutions include: Corporate Branding, Print Design and Web Development.

NOTE that the language specifications of the contents of our services are designated by our customers. However, we strongly suggest that Persian/English versions of each service should be presented at or before any exhibition being held in Iran. According to our experience in Iranian exhibitions, promotion materials that are written in Persian and English, have more impact on the visitors. They both form a better relationship between the exhibitors and the visitors, and a much better level of comprehension.

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