Interior Design

Interior design is an architectural explicit system drawn to point out various demands in terms of Identity, expression, performance, artistic efficiency and physical and emotional comfort of individuals and groups. It is to define the goals of the buildings and properties to perceive a language between the owners and different classes of people who enter such buildings to visit, work and live at such places. Beyond that, it will bring a sense of consent and euphoria for anyone whom are present at locations that have been under the designation of interior design thoroughly.

It is a method to combine concept design, space planning, layouts, plus with the geometry of all the elements considered, to direct a plenary provision of the requested objectives. The pathway of such scheme is to establish ultimate insights into the vast area of the interaction of materials, lightning, color, furniture and the linkage of several other technical components.

Baran Co, as a highly recognized company in several architectural fields, will accept projects issued by companies, institutions, small businesses owners, construction contractors and any other third party that is interested. With our aspiring intentions we investigates the notions that need to be briefed before getting started on a project. And the aspects are discussed with a team of renowned professional designers and our well-trained project managers, in order to receive a scheduled program issued for each project.

We are open to any collaboration with companies who are interested in our work. We work really hard to create the most recent designs in a wide range, from alternation of the current potential of architecture developments to making revolutionary implications that will appear original, even in the eyes of the best specialists.

Our Architecture Department