Undoubtedly, marketing has flourished a lot in the recent years, due to, several technological innovations. Communication as the sole feature that formed the human civilization is, now under several developments in different types of fields, and on the other hand is forming a new era of marketing, business and trade. With the introduction of the virtual world and internet the main business leaders and entrepreneurs have found solutions to boost up their level of communication with the consumers, customers and other partners. However still, in the world market today, Tradeshows will establish a more physical approach for the audience, and will definitely, provide a more effective impact.

Since 1994, here in Baran Company we have been honored to provide such level of communication, through hundreds of domestic and dozens of international Exhibitions with a highly educated and experienced team in various fields of interior and exterior design of several types of structures, computer-based 3D design architecture, graphic design marketing and web development. Moreover, Baran Company does have an undertaking reputation in fulfilling advertisement and commercial demands of its customers in Iran and all around the world. We cooperate closely with our customers to assure them that their promotional needs are met with assistance and collaborations from us, in terms of consult, discussing promotional ideas and other services.